Friday, December 12, 2008

Where or where can I be?

Man alive. It never ceases to amaze me how everyone I know keeps up to date with their blogs. They too have small children, some 2 more than me and they can do this just fine. Geez, what is wrong with me? I can do this. I am sorry I have not updated this in, oh boy, two months almost. I will try to be more disciplined in this. Trying is the best I can do.

So what is new in the Greve house? Hailey is taking a few steps. YAY! I say that, but internally I am screaming...NNNNOOOOOOO!! You are my baby, you can't be walking. You are still suppose to be nursing and making those little grunty noises that newborns make. I just want them to stay small, for just a little while. It just doesn't last long enough. Kyle is 150% boy. He likes to make guns, swords, knives, you name it, out of...well, you name it. Today a paper towel roll was a gun, then it was used for Captain Hook's hook. Yesterday it was a baseball bat. He asked me, Mom, where's my baseball bat gun? Not a bat, a bat gun. BOY, all boy. He loves to be outside and doesn't quite like the weather change. Nebraska is tricky too, the poor kid. One day it was almost 50, so we went out and played in the backyard. Sure enough two days later it's spitting snow! He was excited about that, but didn't quite grasp that it's cold too. I am enjoying my time with them. I love being at home and wouldn't trade it for the world. (Ok, I will admit, there are days. Like two days ago, neither one had a nap all day....well, Hailey had a 20 minute nap in the van, and it was only 2 in the afternoon. They were both hysterical, nothing was making either of them happy, they were getting on each other nerves, so what did I do....I left them in the basement, went out into the van, sat in the frontseat, held the steering wheel and screamed! WOW, did that feel good. But shhhhh, our little secret!)
I will leave you
with a little treat, my sister-in-law took some photos of us and the kiddos. It was freezing the morning we did it and Hailey was not a fan of the cold. She was a trooper, but didn't like it one bit. Kyle on the other hand, loved it. It doesn't hurt when it is his aunt taking the pictures. So easy for us because he knows her and is comfortable with her...and did I mention she takes amazing photos. Enjoy them, we certainly do.