Friday, February 27, 2009

Say that again?

All kids are different. Some do things earlier, some do things later. Boys are very different than girls. I am learning that fact as we speak.

Kyle is a bright little boy. You tell him something/show him ONCE, he will remember. For example: when he was about 18- 19 months old, I was holding him because we were about to walk out the door. I had the cd playing and needed to shut it off before we left. Well, the slacker part of me took over and I shut it off with my toe instead of bending over and doing it the proper way, with my finger. Cutting corners, you know how it is!
The next morning, I turn on the music and a few minutes later, what do I see? Kyle trying so hard to get his foot on the top of the cd player! Brilliant!

Kyle was never a talker. What I mean by that is, he didn't say words that anyone could understand. A LOT of babble. Cute, funny babble. He would stand in the middle of the room and be so serious about whatever it was and was convinced we understood him. Hailey~ she is a different story. The girl can talk.

Words Kyle could say at 16 months:
Bapa (Grandpa)
Mamos (Grandma)
Mo ( more)
Me-me (excuse me)
na-na (banana)

and then his own giberish: but Kyle did sign a lot more words too.

Words Hailey can say at 16 months:
Mo ( more)
Peas (please)
Ba-pa ( Grandpa~ funny it's the same way as Kyle said it)
Mama ( grandma)
Tasha ( my parents dog & she says it perfectly)
Oye (Roy, my in-laws dog)
JJ (cousin)
A-yex (Alex..cousin)
dow (for sit down)
Tyol ( Kyle~ she says it so cute! sounds like tile)
Soos (shoes)
Baf ( Bath)
Badul (bottle)
muck (milk)
chee (cheese)

Seriously? I don't know if it is a girl thing or just having an older sibling around too?! I am floored with some of the things she does. Dan and Kyle went to a hockey game the other night, so it was just me and peanut. I gave her a bath, which she loved not having to share it with brother. I got her out and she made a break for it~ in her birthday suit out to the living room. Me standing in the hall way in plain sight of her, was trying to coax her into her bedroom to get lotioned up and jammies on. She looked at me, patted her tummy and said..."otty, otty" then looked down and proceeded to pee on the carpet! WHAT?? Did she just say potty and then do it?! NO way, not at 16 months? I was baffled. I called the grandparents to tell of her shear genius! ;) Hey, that's another word to add to her ever growing list.

Kids are great~ now if they would only be little genius' when I need them to be......oh say, out in public instead of throwing tantrums, that would be great. But where's the fun in that?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


**UPDATED** Photo of Kyle enjoying his animals. He even divided them so I could have some too!

I went to Toy-r-us today....which for us, never happens. Two kids in a toy store, yikes. I was in search of a doll for Hailey that she has been drooling over for the past month. Went in, found the doll, success.

I let the kids "play"...roam the isles and touch all the toys they could possibly get their chubby little fingers on. We are proceeding to make our way to the check out and Kyle spots a tube of "Safari" animals. He asks me if he can take them home. I look at the tube and take it to a scanner and look to see how much they are. $4.99. Geez....for some plastic animals. I agreed and he was thrilled! I never just up and buy something and he knows that. I almost always tell him "not today." We left the store, kids on cloud nine with their new friends and me feeling all good because I did something out of the ordinary for them.

Oh and we left at about 5:15.

He did not stop playing with his new found friends until lights went out at 8:30. He did put them down to eat dinner, but he ate about two bites of his taco and went right back to it. They even took a bath with him. I was so wishy-washy on even buying them, but now after seeing how much love and affection they are getting; I feel like Super Mom!

This picture is not the actual ones I bought. They look very similar. I may just have to post a picture of Kyle playing with them himself!

What is your best splurge? On yourself or the little ones.

Friday, February 6, 2009

How to throw the perfect tantrum....

.....written, illustrated and directed by Kyle Thomas Greve

I was having a great day and Mommy told me that after Hailey's nap, we would go to Cabella's before Daddy got home from work. I was so excited. I love going and seeing all the animals, but mostly I love to play the gun game. (mom explanation: a video game with rifles that you hunt deer...I know, judge me all you want!)

In the van I proceeded to appear fine, singing songs, being nice to my sister and even listening to my the store rules. Little did they know what was in store. We walk in and their it is in all its glory......the gun game.

"Mommy, I want to play the gun game." Hoping she will forget that she told me I had to wait until we were leaving.

"No, Kyle, we will play it after we see the animals and the fish."
I was fine with this...for now. I hurried along and looked at the animals, still having them fooled this whole time. I pointed out animals to Hailey. YES, now we are moving on to the fish. Me, still keeping my guise, I enjoy the fish with my sister. I see the opportunity and go for it.

"Mommy, can I go play the gun game now!" I give her my charming look that I know wins every time.

"Thank you Kyle for being patient and waiting, Yes we can. But you know the rules. After we play we are leaving.

Yes gun game. That is all I registered. All I see is that orange rifle and I come! We arrive at the entrance and mommy lets me put in the dollar. She has to help me with the gun because it's too hard. We were laughing having a great time.

Then she said it.

Ok Kyle, it's time to go.

My secret is about to be exposed. I decided to throw a little bit of a fuss, but not too much. I have to save my energy for later and to just try and push my mom's buttons. The street and the parking lot, the best place. So, I oblige, hold her hand and walk out the door. The magic to all this, is to make sure mommy is holding sister. If she is in a stroller or cart, the effect isn't as great. Mommy was holding sister. Perfect.

There had to be about 10 ATV's out front and I was determined to sit in one. I asked, she said no, that we had to get home because Daddy would be home any minute.

Tears and whining are always a good start. Mommy tries to reason with me. I don't listen and start screaming. We are walking to the van and I try to run away, but somehow mommy has me good this time. Hopefully she hasn't figured me out. I fight to get in my carseat, and by this time, my face is red, snot is all over, sister is crying and Mommy isn't saying a word. She just has "a look." My mommy says that I am not allowed to watch my show when we get home and I continue to scream.....I DON'T WANT TO GO HOME. I WANT TO GET OUT!

It isn't that long of a drive, but to make it memorable I kick the back of mommy's seat AND scream.

Mommy still not saying anything. We get in the driveway and here is my cue. I stop crying right when we hit the garage and as soon as Mommy opens the door I say:

"Mommy, may I watch my show......PLEASE?!"

That is advanced tantrum throwing. Recommended only for those serious risk-takers.. Not to be used often; they must be caught off guard. Best locations: busy public places, entrances/exits are always good.

Happy tantruming!