Saturday, October 18, 2008

A YEAR ago today.....

Since I have been a little slacking in the blog department, I failed to notice the date of this post.....Hailey's birthday, however is the 24th of Oct, not the 18th when I posted this. I must have jumped the gun a little. Don't know how that happened. Sorry for the confusion. Just wanted to clarify. :)

.... I welcomed the perfect little 7lbs, 4oz,(@ 4:33 AM no less) squirmy, breath-takingly beautiful little girl into the world. Everything about that day was perfect. Well, I would have picked a different time, but that is not up to me.:) Funny how, it started subtly. Arriving at the hospital at 1:00 in the morning. My mid-wife then telling me: "oh Erin, you are only dilated to a 3. If you don't progress, then we will have to send you home!" That line...send you a 40 week pregnant woman is like hearing there is no more chocolate in the world and you will have to eat broccoli instead! WHAT?! I was determined & I think Hailey was too! :) I'll spare you with the details but she was born a mere 3 hours later and it was perfect. What a miracle giving birth really is.
So here it is. Her first birthday! Not many of you get to see her like we do. So I thought it only fitting to share in all the delight of our little bug.Without further a-do~ Here are a few of my favorite things:

1. She is a snuggle bug. From the minute s
he came out of the womb, she snuggles. Anytime, anywhere. Finally, I got one and I never want it to end.
2. Just recently she has been bit of a mama's that a bad thing?! wink, wink.
3. Her teeth. I just LOVE seeing them when she smiles.
4. Her squishy, cute little butt. I will never forget the moment in the hospital, when she was placed on my belly, that was the first thing I felt. It fit perfectly in my hand. Still does. :)
5. Love the fact, that she is a bit of a drama queen. Always has to plead her case about everything; from wanting a tiny speck of grass that I took away or telling her no, when a certain toy that she shouldn't play with. Oh the drama.
6. Dainty. Everywhere we go, I hear "Oh, she's sooooo little! Just a little peanut." That's my girl!
7. Her face. maybe I'm partial, but I just think she is absolutely gorgeous. She has the most captivating blue eyes, followed with long dark eyelashes. And a smile that will melt your heart.
8. Watching her sleep. A picture of innocence and grace.
9. How happy she gets when she sees someone she loves. It does my heart good. To have a little person be so affected by you, it's moving. Why don't we do that as adults? ;)
10. Her sweet disposition. She is seriously just a breath of fresh air. She can bring a smile to my face or make me belly laugh like none other. And she always seems to know just when mommy needs it too.

So Happy 1st Birthday, Hailey Lucille. I I love you my sweet little peanut. Today we celebrate you! Thank you for being such a delight to our family. We would be lost without you. You are a gem and we love you more than we ever thought possible.
Now let's celebrate!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I just can't get enough of.......

I have never been one to say I am "in love" with a product or can't live without "fill in the blank". I change various things quite frequently. I have had to let go of a few of my "higher end" items, like salon brand shampoo and products, Clinique face products...budget cuts are brutal, but necessary. I have found new and just as good ( ok , not nearly the same, but my hair and my face are clean, right?!). BUT there are a few exceptions to the rule. These my friends are ones I WILL not give up. Ok, if the Lord told me to, then yes, but then and only then I would. Are you ready? Drumroll please.....................

LOVE #1 & #2

These two things my friends, is love in a bottle, I am not kid
ding. The Peppermint Mocha is seasonal and is only around during Thanksgiving thru New Years. I will sadly admit this, but when this does hit the dairy isle, I buy 3 at a time. They can't keep them stocked. I have even gone to different stores to see if they have more. Sad, I know. The Hazelnut Biscotti. Delish!


There are NO exceptions with this one. I have strayed before and like the saying goes "you stray, you pay" and I do every time. I plan for this item in the budget, it is a little pricey, but oh so tasty!

This is the BEST product ever created for, well, me! I hate to even say this, but I sweat all the time, I always have been like this. Doesn't matter the season either. Pit stains and big ol' pitted out shirts to prove it! BUT a friend of mine told me about this that I would never have a problem my sweating problem again if I used this AND she was right. Heaven in a deodorant bottle, who would have guessed?! Again, not budget friendly, but my shirts and I am sure my friends and family are all thankful for the purchase!

So my friends, what are some of things you can't live without? Tell me, tell me!!