Friday, December 12, 2008

Where or where can I be?

Man alive. It never ceases to amaze me how everyone I know keeps up to date with their blogs. They too have small children, some 2 more than me and they can do this just fine. Geez, what is wrong with me? I can do this. I am sorry I have not updated this in, oh boy, two months almost. I will try to be more disciplined in this. Trying is the best I can do.

So what is new in the Greve house? Hailey is taking a few steps. YAY! I say that, but internally I am screaming...NNNNOOOOOOO!! You are my baby, you can't be walking. You are still suppose to be nursing and making those little grunty noises that newborns make. I just want them to stay small, for just a little while. It just doesn't last long enough. Kyle is 150% boy. He likes to make guns, swords, knives, you name it, out of...well, you name it. Today a paper towel roll was a gun, then it was used for Captain Hook's hook. Yesterday it was a baseball bat. He asked me, Mom, where's my baseball bat gun? Not a bat, a bat gun. BOY, all boy. He loves to be outside and doesn't quite like the weather change. Nebraska is tricky too, the poor kid. One day it was almost 50, so we went out and played in the backyard. Sure enough two days later it's spitting snow! He was excited about that, but didn't quite grasp that it's cold too. I am enjoying my time with them. I love being at home and wouldn't trade it for the world. (Ok, I will admit, there are days. Like two days ago, neither one had a nap all day....well, Hailey had a 20 minute nap in the van, and it was only 2 in the afternoon. They were both hysterical, nothing was making either of them happy, they were getting on each other nerves, so what did I do....I left them in the basement, went out into the van, sat in the frontseat, held the steering wheel and screamed! WOW, did that feel good. But shhhhh, our little secret!)
I will leave you
with a little treat, my sister-in-law took some photos of us and the kiddos. It was freezing the morning we did it and Hailey was not a fan of the cold. She was a trooper, but didn't like it one bit. Kyle on the other hand, loved it. It doesn't hurt when it is his aunt taking the pictures. So easy for us because he knows her and is comfortable with her...and did I mention she takes amazing photos. Enjoy them, we certainly do.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A YEAR ago today.....

Since I have been a little slacking in the blog department, I failed to notice the date of this post.....Hailey's birthday, however is the 24th of Oct, not the 18th when I posted this. I must have jumped the gun a little. Don't know how that happened. Sorry for the confusion. Just wanted to clarify. :)

.... I welcomed the perfect little 7lbs, 4oz,(@ 4:33 AM no less) squirmy, breath-takingly beautiful little girl into the world. Everything about that day was perfect. Well, I would have picked a different time, but that is not up to me.:) Funny how, it started subtly. Arriving at the hospital at 1:00 in the morning. My mid-wife then telling me: "oh Erin, you are only dilated to a 3. If you don't progress, then we will have to send you home!" That line...send you a 40 week pregnant woman is like hearing there is no more chocolate in the world and you will have to eat broccoli instead! WHAT?! I was determined & I think Hailey was too! :) I'll spare you with the details but she was born a mere 3 hours later and it was perfect. What a miracle giving birth really is.
So here it is. Her first birthday! Not many of you get to see her like we do. So I thought it only fitting to share in all the delight of our little bug.Without further a-do~ Here are a few of my favorite things:

1. She is a snuggle bug. From the minute s
he came out of the womb, she snuggles. Anytime, anywhere. Finally, I got one and I never want it to end.
2. Just recently she has been bit of a mama's that a bad thing?! wink, wink.
3. Her teeth. I just LOVE seeing them when she smiles.
4. Her squishy, cute little butt. I will never forget the moment in the hospital, when she was placed on my belly, that was the first thing I felt. It fit perfectly in my hand. Still does. :)
5. Love the fact, that she is a bit of a drama queen. Always has to plead her case about everything; from wanting a tiny speck of grass that I took away or telling her no, when a certain toy that she shouldn't play with. Oh the drama.
6. Dainty. Everywhere we go, I hear "Oh, she's sooooo little! Just a little peanut." That's my girl!
7. Her face. maybe I'm partial, but I just think she is absolutely gorgeous. She has the most captivating blue eyes, followed with long dark eyelashes. And a smile that will melt your heart.
8. Watching her sleep. A picture of innocence and grace.
9. How happy she gets when she sees someone she loves. It does my heart good. To have a little person be so affected by you, it's moving. Why don't we do that as adults? ;)
10. Her sweet disposition. She is seriously just a breath of fresh air. She can bring a smile to my face or make me belly laugh like none other. And she always seems to know just when mommy needs it too.

So Happy 1st Birthday, Hailey Lucille. I I love you my sweet little peanut. Today we celebrate you! Thank you for being such a delight to our family. We would be lost without you. You are a gem and we love you more than we ever thought possible.
Now let's celebrate!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I just can't get enough of.......

I have never been one to say I am "in love" with a product or can't live without "fill in the blank". I change various things quite frequently. I have had to let go of a few of my "higher end" items, like salon brand shampoo and products, Clinique face products...budget cuts are brutal, but necessary. I have found new and just as good ( ok , not nearly the same, but my hair and my face are clean, right?!). BUT there are a few exceptions to the rule. These my friends are ones I WILL not give up. Ok, if the Lord told me to, then yes, but then and only then I would. Are you ready? Drumroll please.....................

LOVE #1 & #2

These two things my friends, is love in a bottle, I am not kid
ding. The Peppermint Mocha is seasonal and is only around during Thanksgiving thru New Years. I will sadly admit this, but when this does hit the dairy isle, I buy 3 at a time. They can't keep them stocked. I have even gone to different stores to see if they have more. Sad, I know. The Hazelnut Biscotti. Delish!


There are NO exceptions with this one. I have strayed before and like the saying goes "you stray, you pay" and I do every time. I plan for this item in the budget, it is a little pricey, but oh so tasty!

This is the BEST product ever created for, well, me! I hate to even say this, but I sweat all the time, I always have been like this. Doesn't matter the season either. Pit stains and big ol' pitted out shirts to prove it! BUT a friend of mine told me about this that I would never have a problem my sweating problem again if I used this AND she was right. Heaven in a deodorant bottle, who would have guessed?! Again, not budget friendly, but my shirts and I am sure my friends and family are all thankful for the purchase!

So my friends, what are some of things you can't live without? Tell me, tell me!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I LOVE my kids!

Oh the joys of motherhood. I could list off a billion things why I adore my kids, but I won't. I can't type that fast and you don't want to read that much. But sometimes I catch myself looking at Kyle and thinking.....he's mine? really? Watching him play and figure out new and exciting things. I sit in the rocking chair at night with Hailey nursing her to sleep. Seeing her amazing blue eyes gaze back at me and that look, I can't explain it. It's a feeling that goes deep, that will forever be etched in my memory. I am thinking about these things because I know it won't last long. Kyle is 3. Next fall he will be heading off to preschool, like a big boy should. Sigh. Hailey will be one in October, where did that year go? I feel like I just left Methodist with a tiny 7lb, 4oz, bundle of sweetness. I will be slowly weaning her. That is a bittersweet change. A change of freedom for me, but the change of the sweet bonding mommy and daughter moments we've had. They grow up so fast. I don't want to take the time I am at home with them for granted. Days can be challenging, at times I want to pull out my hair in frustration, but that is when God gives me mercy and grace to see the beauty that I have. I love my kids, I really do.

Kyle has been talking about Jesus lately. We are trying to raise our kids to understand that no matter where you are Jesus is there and you can always talk to him. You don't have to just sing or pray at church, you don't just pray for your food, etc. So the other night, Dan was putting him to bed. (Daddy is more fun at bedtime than Mommy. I've been banned) They always sing a song and then pray. Dan asks Kyle who he wants to pray for...and it is always the same people (Aunt Patty, Nathan, Logan & Iris) and Dan prays for everyone else. After Kyle prayed, Dan said, rather enthusiastically, "Great prayer Kyle, Jesus is so proud of you and He loves you so much." Kyle's responds, his voice kinda whiny, begging like..."Daddy, I need Jesus!"
Don't you just want to eat him?! He has been saying things about Jesus a lot lately. The other day he was laying on the floor playing by himself. I was feeding Hailey her lunch and he looked up and exclaimed, "Mommy, Jesus is here!" I said, "Really Kyle, what is he doing?" Kyle: "just playing...a few seconds go by....Mommy, I need Jesus." Amen Kyle, Amen! Lately I have been asking him if he has had any dreams. So he got up from his nap the other afternoon, and Dan comes out and says" Kyle why don't you tell mommy about your dream." Kyle explains, eyes wide with excitement, " Kyle and grandpa and Jesus went to the museum. AND we saw dinosaurs. BIG dinosaurs and tiny dinosaurs. I said, "wow Kyle that's really neat. Did Jesus like the museum and the dinosaurs?" Kyle said, "Um, yes!" :) Just tellin' it like it is!

"from the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise" Psalms 8:2

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I am alive & well

Just wanted to clarify to everyone that I am here & alive. Life has been rather busy & to say the least a little challenging too. We are doing well, we are blessed beyond measure, but we are being pressed. Pressed to really understand the meaning of trust. Do I trust the Lord that HE will provide for my family. Do I trust Him in all final decisions & trusting Him enough to give Him control. Ouch. It's tough. It hurts, I get tired & I am ready to throw in the white towel & say I surrender. But what will I surrender & will it be to my flesh, my desires? What I think should happen & in this way? Oh the joys of being changed. God is good, ALL THE TIME!
I have a lot to share, some fun moments with Kyle, some fun pictures that I will post later. I have to get back to making dinner.....spaghetti & meatballs. YUM-O!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

All about the Veggies....

The whole gang piled into the van for a little drive to the Bellevue library. Why Bellevue since I live in Millard? Oh that topic is in & of itself worth another blog, but long story short; I live a block south of 132nd & Harrison, so I am considered Sarpy county, I am considered outside city limits and "my taxes are not paying to support a library", so therefore we are banned from ANY library; unless of course we PAY to go. $45 for a year. Ridiculous. My sweet mother-in-law bought us libraries cards to the one in Bellevue. I am so close to getting Mike McKnight from Channel 6 involved. ;)

Back to the family event. We go into the library & go our seperate ways. Dan to audio books, Mom & tots to kids section. Kyle picks out a few books, but spots, like he always does, a HUGE stuffed tiger & proceeds to wrestle it on the floor. Nice. Hailey eggs him on, by making her "I am excited" raptor noise from the likes of her stroller. I politely quiet them down & ask Kyle if he wants to look at some DVD's they have. They always have a TON of Veggietales, Bob the Builder, Thomas, all his favorites. He looks at a few and says "Mommy, I want this one." I look at it and it's the "Snoodle's Tale"a Veggiestales one. It looks a little cheesy & girly. So I asked "Are you sure you want this one?" hoping he will get a different one. He says no, so I said ok.

We watched it at my in-laws that night. My mother-in-law told me they watched this once at a women's thing at church once & it brought her to tears. I thought, Really, a kid's video, seriously?! A few days later, we watched it again at home. On the video it has a different story, a silly song & then the Snoodles tale. This time I thought ok I will watch it this time. This story is maybe 10 minutes & I was in awe. What an amazing story. I cried & felt the love of God, as if I was a little girl watching it. This little snoodle is told he is ugly, no good, not worth it. With his "backpack" full of all the nasty pictures that all his "friends" tell him he looks like, he is so weighed down & sad, that he climbs a mountain to be alone. On top of this mountain he finds a "man". The man takes all the nasty pictures & throws them into the fire & gives him a picture he drew of what he thinks the little snoodle looks like. The snoodle is handsome, strong & radiant, just the way the man sees him! He puts that picture in the snoodles backpack, which is rather large & he thinks it's too heavy for him. But the "man" reassures him it's rather light & not burdensome. The snoodle flaps his wings & soars off the mountain, FREE from all the heaviness he had once carried! What a glorious picture! I was undone & from a little kid's video?! I recommend watching it. Kyle was really intigued by the whole thing. Really trying to understand all the different emotions in it.

It made me think of all the pictures I carry with me. All the little remarks that have been thrown my way & I have just thrown them right into my backpack, believing they were suppose to be a part of me. Not knowing any better. My backpack began to be really heavy, too much for me to bear. I was feeling the weight on my shoulders & ready to give up hope of EVER finding a way out. I was hopeless. Feeling like a failure. One day when I was at my worst, I was given a glimpes of hope. Hope that I could one day meet a "man" that would forever change my world. That would restore my soul and give me a new life. What? How can this be?A God that cares that much about me?But he does. He shows me everyday how much he loves me. He reminds me in the way Dan looks at me. I have never been loved the way my hasband loves me. He reminds me of how much He loves me by letting me be the mother of my two beautiful miracles. Watching Kyle sing, brings joy to my heart & watching Hailey, sleep so peacefully is refreshing. He is a good God and I am overwhelmed by His faithfulness to me. What an amazing God I serve. Thank you Jesus, for allowing me to see the real picture. You are an amazing artist.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Hailey, "The Speck Harvester"....

...that is what we have labeled her & she is taking FULL ownership of it as well. You see, I never had to worry about Kyle putting things in his mouth because he NEVER DID. One day, when he was about 9 months old, he got into my purse, dug into my wallet & spilled all the change onto the floor. Instead of immediately picking up a fistfull & shoving it into his mouth; instead he examined each penny with utmost curiosity. Hailey, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. Every waking moment I am pulling something new out of her mouth. She has a full out-right fit! Arched back, screaming, big ol' crocodile tears, as if I've just ended her world. The funny part about it is what I am getting out of her mouth.

Let's list a few of the finer choices: old dried up macaroni noodle, grass, threads from the carpet, a chopped up piece of onion (at my in-laws), crumbs from the inner cracks of the kitchen floor, stem from a grape(just this morning), cardboard, ....the list could go on & on, but I think you get my drift. This girl is un-stoppable! I am constantly watching her, waiting to see what she will find next. Somedays, she comes crawling down the hall, with that mouth moving & I say "ok, Hailey, what is it this time!" I wonder where in the world she find these things! I keep all the doors closed (except for Kyle's room), so she can't get into too much. She's quick! What I just can't help but laugh about, is the tantrum she has when I take it out of her mouth. You'd think she'd get upset if the speck I was prying from her mouth was of some delight, like a chocolate chip or piece of a cookie, but a small chop of onion! Kyle's even helping out in our latest adventure of Hailey. He will come to me & say" Mommy, Hailey has a speck in her mouth!" What a riot. I am just thankful it hasn't been of any danger, the things she finds are the smallest speck, I can barely see it. She will be on the prowl & her eye catches just the tinest of specks & she is on a mission. Get speck ,put in hand, put in mouth, enjoy for a short moment, Mommy prys open my mouth, removes speck, I crawl on to find the next perfect speck.

Well, I hear my list speck harvester beckoning from her crib. She will be upset to find that Mommy swept the floor, but I am sure her little hands will find just the perfect speck. She always does. :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

To be or not to

The kids are napping, I have sweet potatoes cooking (waiting to mash into some baby food for the littlest sweet potato) & so I am taking the time to sit & contemplate.

Dan and I decided to try and do our own vegetable garden this year...chemical free. Our first attempt at it & SUCCESS! I will post pics of the yummy bounty later. My husband is so proud of himself. We were a little disappointent in our green bean & snap pea harvest, not as much as we would have liked. We went out of town for a week & when we returned the peas were slumped over. Bummer. Tried to promp them up, but didn't help too much. What is doing quite well , are our tomatoes, cucumbers & cayenne peppers. . Nothing better than slicing up a good ol' juicy red tomato, just picked from the garden! Making my mouth water. We have 5 different tomotoes.(one of the five is a grape tomato plant) Why so many? Well for starters I LOVE tomatoes & with this being our first time & all, we weren't sure how many would survive. So if you would like some yummy tomatoes, give me a holla and I will be more than happy to share.

As you see I said our garden is chemical free, Dan really wanted to try it without the use of any added chemicals, which got us to thinking about all our other food. Also, we went to Colorado & stayed with my Aunt Patty, who eats all organic & informed us of all the partially hydrogenated oils, etc......that REALLY got us thinking. Thanks Aunt Mango! :) We started small and replaced simple we have natural peanut butter, using butter & olive oil, whole wheat pasta, organic cereals, fruit bars & waffles. Nothing too drastic. We went to Whole foods to check it out & not in our price range for a lot of things. Found a few reasonable things. Dan & Kyle LOVE this organic blueberry flax granola. Dan eats it like cereal & Kyle munches on it as a snack; and it's not bad price wise. Like a box of cereal. In moderation we are slowly moving into the crazy organic, healthy eaters. The only thing we haven't changed it milk. I would love to, but at $5.99 a gallon for organic milk, yikes. That hurts. Not workable in our budget as of now. Ok people, fire! I am ready for some feedback.
**just a side note, as I was typing, Kyle came out of his room & informed me that he needed to "bee-wax" out in the living room with me. Who rules the roost here?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Never a dull moment

Kyle is always saying something to make me smile. Here are a few funny moments with my little man.

MONDAY: crying this from his room, from where he is suppose to be napping:

Kyle: "Bee-wax, Mommy, Bee-wax!"
Mommy: "What honey? I don't understand what you are saying."
Kyle: "Bee-wax, Mommy" this time he is pointing at his door.
Mommy: "Kyle, why don't you show Mommy what you mean."
Kyle: goes to his door & points out the hallway- "Mommy, I want to go lay on the couch, watch a movie & bee-wax."
Mommy: giggling this time- "Oh, I get it you want to RELAX!"
Kyle:"Uh-huh!" with a sigh of relief because Mommy finally got it!


Kyle and Mommy "bee-waxing" on the floor & watching a movie (again, not wanting to take a nap that day)just laying there next to each other. He has his pillow and beloved blankie, we are snuggled in together. The rule is, we don't get up, it's not play time, we are relaxing. If we get up, we have to go in our rooms & lay in our beds. After a few minutes of relaxing, Kyle turns to me & whispers, "Mommy?" Mommy, full aware that he is going to ask if relaxing is all done, I answer him in a sort of monotone answer, "Yes, Kyle." Looking me square in the eyes & with full sincerity says, "I love you." My heart melted. Looking back into those soft brown eyes, I said "I love you too, Kyle." My heart ached after that, I felt the same way I did the day he was born; fully aware that my heart was forever his.


Kyle LOVES to play the guitar, sing & absolutely LOVES to listen to music. One of his favorite songs is a Matt Redman song, the chorus is what he always belts out.
These are the lyrics "Oh no, you never let go, thru the calm & thru the storm Oh no, you never let go, every high & every low, Oh no you never let go, Lord you never let go of me."

Kyle's interpretation: (keep in mind he says "w" for "l")
"Oh, no, wet get go, to the calm & to the store, Oh, no, wet get go, every high, every wo, oh no, wet get go,Ward, never wet go me."

First Time for everything

Well, I've done it. I've been sucked into the vortex of blogging. I have been contemplating this ever growing interest & appeal of blogging, but thought, is this really for me? And rest assured ol' blogger pals, alas I have become one of you. I will not be as creative in my writing, as I am not as savvy with the internet/blogging, but I will make an attempt. This is a great outlet, a way for family & friends, both near & far to really know the nitty-gritty of the Greve home. So sit back & relax & be ready to be mildly amused. Just humor me a bit & just pretend to be, ok?!