Tuesday, February 17, 2009


**UPDATED** Photo of Kyle enjoying his animals. He even divided them so I could have some too!

I went to Toy-r-us today....which for us, never happens. Two kids in a toy store, yikes. I was in search of a doll for Hailey that she has been drooling over for the past month. Went in, found the doll, success.

I let the kids "play"...roam the isles and touch all the toys they could possibly get their chubby little fingers on. We are proceeding to make our way to the check out and Kyle spots a tube of "Safari" animals. He asks me if he can take them home. I look at the tube and take it to a scanner and look to see how much they are. $4.99. Geez....for some plastic animals. I agreed and he was thrilled! I never just up and buy something and he knows that. I almost always tell him "not today." We left the store, kids on cloud nine with their new friends and me feeling all good because I did something out of the ordinary for them.

Oh and we left at about 5:15.

He did not stop playing with his new found friends until lights went out at 8:30. He did put them down to eat dinner, but he ate about two bites of his taco and went right back to it. They even took a bath with him. I was so wishy-washy on even buying them, but now after seeing how much love and affection they are getting; I feel like Super Mom!

This picture is not the actual ones I bought. They look very similar. I may just have to post a picture of Kyle playing with them himself!

What is your best splurge? On yourself or the little ones.


lindsay said...

haha! we did the same thing this weekend. reese ALWAYS wants a stuffed animal from old navy - probably because michale & i saw them once and said to each other, "hey, those look cool!" well she has been begging for this giraffe for EVER. any time we go in there. it's always been 'no', 'no', 'not today', 'you don't need that', etc. well, when i wasn't watching, michael went thru the checkout with reese and she asked AGAIN - he looked at the price tag - on clearance for $1.99 (instead of $12) - so he bought it for her. i admit, i was irritated - BUT she hasn't let go of the thing. plays make-believe with it, sleeps with it, takes it in the car. keeps her occupied when we run errands - she is in her own little world, just her and the giraffe, who she has named 'Seep'! (ok, whatever, reese) WELL worth the $2, as an exception to my don't-buy-toys-whenever-my-kids-ask rule. :)

Deb said...

I think I'm finally learning in my old age that the "bargains" I find on clothes at Target or Walmart are just (pardon my French...) crap. It is worth it to spend a bit more at Eddie Bauer or Dillards and get fewer clothes, but have them look good for longer, fit better, etc! I am learning that splurging this way is not really splurging!