Monday, May 18, 2009


Okay, so I kinda have been slacking..........well, alright, have totally forgotten about my blog & haven't written in MONTHS! What's my excuse? Oh, I don't know......2 kids, laundry, a husband, cooking, cleaning, being a taxi, paying bills...and the evil cycle continues. Good enough? :)


Life for the Greve's has changed dramatically. NO, I am not having a baby. Dan, my amazing talented husband, started his new job @ Bozell! This is an answer of many years of praying. Not necessarily for THIS specific job, but that the Lord would provide the perfect one, in HIS perfect timing. Presto, prayer answered. Isn't HE amazing! Dan is thrilled to be there. Bozell is HUGE here & it's huge for Dan. He is loving it and I am loving seeing him this way.

Kids are great. We went to Florida for a week with my parents. What a great trip. Kids were fantastic on the plane (both ways), angels at the parks (only one melt down the whole time) and loved loungin' by the pool and hittin' a few golf balls in between. Another perk? This time around Dan was not self-employed which = Dan relaxing and being able to enjoy our vacation! Added bonus, we got a paycheck WHILE we were on vacation. Heck yeah!

I will try to keep up with this...I know I AM supermom and all, but I can only do so much.