Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Out of the mouths of....moms!

I saw this on a blog that I have been reading for some time and it made me laugh out loud! So I had the idea....since I haven't blogged in....well, MONTHS, that maybe I would share.

Please don't put your butt in my face.
No, when I get bigger I will not grow a pee-pee. And no, your sister won't either.
EWWWW! Hailey, we don't eat bugs!
I do not want your booger. Yes, it is nice to share, but just not your boogers.
We do not play in the toilet! GROSS!
Do you want me to shoot you in the face with the water gun? Then don't do it to her!
Put your underwear on! No one is coming over, you just need to put them on please.
Hailey, why are you licking me? Oh, you're a puppy?! That's nice.
In Target bathroom: Yes, Mommy is a big girl to go potty. No, I'm not going poopy.
I am sure you would be really careful with it, but a mouse trap is NOT a toy.
Put the markers down and STOP coloring each other!
What are you eating and where did you get it?
Yes that is a baby Hailey. No, we can't take him home.
Now your turn......what have you said lately. Please do tell!


steve and randel hambrick said...

anna katherine licks occasionally too. drives me NUTS!