Thursday, January 21, 2010

I think I may be in trouble

It could get ugly and fast. I am almost 11 weeks preggers. Crazy to think I will entering into my 2nd trimester already. BUT, cravings are taking over.I have a long ways to go if I start having cravings like this! I have been wanting a fountain pop for days, but didn't give into the temptation. I had to take Kyle to pre-school this afternoon, so the idea popped into my head of going thru a drive-thru. My mouth began to salvate at the just the mere thought of drinking the ice cold satisfaction, also known as Dr. Pepper.

Then the craving want some greasy french fries to go with it. NO! French fries. I need to eat better than that! I will just have some toast or a clemintine. Who am I kidding? Fruit, really? Not even fanthomable at this point. My mind was made up....or should I say, my stomach had won. I bought a med pop and med. fry. And I savored every last greasy delight. I even tried to hide them from Hailey, but she is no fool. She can smell the yummy goodness! It's just begun. And like I said. I may be in trouble.


RachelBallard said...

You are funny! It is okay every once in awhile.