Monday, January 11, 2010

On the Horizon

There is a lot on the Greve horizon. 2010 is going be a BIG year. August will be a busy and exciting month. We will be having baby #3 and Kyle may be starting kindergarten. I can't wrap my mind around the fact that Kyle is old enough to even be having the discussion about school! He is so ready to be in school, I as his mother just want to be FOR SURE. All day is lloooonnnggg. Will he do ok? Will the others be kind to him and vice versa? All the things a mother worries about, but there is a time that I need to let him be him and do what he needs to do. He loves going to pre-school and always wants to stay..."just a little bit longer!" We are super excited about the baby on the way! We are going to be surprised, much to the parents dismay. HA! HA! I been feeling relatively well. Evenings are my worst. It hits me hard at night. I am worn out and just feel nauseous. It's almost easier that way, so my days seem to be better for the kids' sake. Mom isn't out of commission during the days. The kids are excited. Kyle wants to name the baby "Toady" because it sounds like his cousins name, which is Brodie. :)
Kyle and Hailey are in room time right now, so Mommy has just a few minutes to herself. Kyle is playing "guys" which are G.I. Joe's and Hailey is playing dress up and with her doll house. It cracks me up how different they are, but can play so well together too.
My moment has passed, Hailey wants me to be Cinderella and go to her ball. So I better get on my party dress and head over to the ball!


RachelBallard said...

Yay! Glad that you are back at it. Excited for #3! Love you sweet friend.